Sewer Payments

Sewer Customers are billed in advance for three months at a time.  Billing is done in three quarterly cycles according to the service address.  Quarterly payment amount is $135.00. Annual payments are still accepted.  IF YOU WISH TO PAY ANNUALLY, THE AMOUNT IS $529.20 PER EDU PER YEAR AND YOUR ACCOUNT MUST BE IN GOOD STANDING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS 2% DISCOUNT.

Quarterly billing will have no effect on Metered customers.  Metered will continue to be billed monthly.  ACH will be drafted from your account quarterly on the 15th of the month. 

NOTE:  We don't offer a discount for annual payments for use of public water since eventually water will be metered.
Never be late!---Sign up for our automatic draft service.  Come in a fill out an ACH form and let a cancelled check or deposit slip with us, and your payment can be automatically deducted from your bank account.  THIS IS A FREE SERVICE!  
We now accept online payments to your sewer account using your credit card.  This service is offered through Municipay.  Municipay applies a 2.45% service charge, which is equal to $3.42 on a regular $135.00 quarterly payment.  


Pay My Sewer Bill